Hurricane Maria Death Count – We Need More Math and Less Politics


Narrow View

Let’s start by looking at the data for September, October, and November for 2015, 2016, and 2017.

This way of looking at the data gives a count of 1244 deaths resulting from Hurricane Maria. This is based purely on the numbers and – even as far as that goes – not an extensive analysis. Yet, this is far better than shouting out numbers without any explanation at all based on political feelings.

Wider View

Let’s look at all twelve months for the three years:

Look at all those deaths that appear to happen in all three years in January and for two of the years in December!

Let’s zoom in on that:

Notice that we have the average monthly deaths for each year on the left. Notice that:

  1. The death count is above average every January.
  2. The death count in January of 2017 was almost as bad as the death count in September of 2017 – the month of the Hurricane.

Did anyone look or care? Is it people dying we really care about or political opportunity. More math and less politics may be a step in the right direction.

In order to have more math we need to educate ourselves and gain some data skills. Visit this link below to see what is previewed in the window below. Learn how to use EXCEL to apply mathematics to this data and communicate the findings.

Data Driving School Lesson – Learn to Analyze Hurricane Maria Data

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