Public Opinion Polls and Backwards Percentages (Part 2)

This is a followup to a previous post on backwards percentages:
 Public Opinion Polls and Backwards Percentages.

Our Polling Data

“Do you approve of the way Donald Trump is handling these specific issues – Health care?”

We use color to show that this information given is a breakdown of each column as opposed to each row: For each party, we are given the percentage of people within that party giving each response to the question.

To illustrate, let’s focus on just one of these percentages and illustrate its meaning:

Backwards Percentages

Of Independents, 15% somewhat disapprove. If we ask what percent of those who somewhat disapprove are independents, then we are asking for the backwards percentage.

Notice that each of the percentages of people belonging to each party does are different. This is an important part of the calculation.

Let’s now calculate this backwards percentage in the manner used in the previous post as demonstrated in this video:

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